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FatPipe LogoSoftware-Defined Networking for Hybrid Multi-Line Wide Area Networks with High Security

One of the leading and most respected market research firms recently stated that “FatPipe offers one of the market’s most advanced WAN path controllers and companies should consider FatPipe for WAN Optimization when it is beneficial to combine basic WAN optimization features with good WAN path selection control capabilities.”

FatPipe has been providing reliable, redundant and secure wide area network connectivity over 15 years. FatPipe invented this technology and holds 11 foundational patents with over 180 unique innovations. FatPipe solutions have been deployed in thousands of customer sites. FatPipe products are proudly built in the USA to the highest quality standards. FatPipe is ISO 2001 certified and has been in continuous business since 1990. FatPipe’s support is done in house and not outsourced to a third-party call center.

Premise Managed Solutions

Centrally control WANs, easily manage branch appliances and zero-touch deployment

  • Increase network performance
  • Improve network reliability
  • Augment network visibility
  • Fortify network security
  • Enhance business agility

Multi-Line WAN Optimization

Optimization and QoS with WAN redundancy & internet load balancing for improved user experience,

  • Dynamic load balancing on multiple lines
  • Data compression
  • Dynamic TCP congestion control & acceleration
  • Multiline quality of service
  • De-duplication

Multi Site Reliability (Disaster Recovery)

Solutions for back-up and DR sites allow for data failover and resiliency for branch connectivity.

  1. FatPipe's patented SmartDNS technology
  2. Ensures accessible application & data at a secondary site
  3. Active use of the backup site

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Advantages of FatPipe’s SD-WAN Networking Products (.pdf)

For customers needing a comprehensive solution, SD Data Center provide managed network services designed to support your connectivity, remote access, security, compliance, logging, and analytics requirements. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

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