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Florida-based Stratus Broadband uses SD Data Center colocation solutions to meet growing business demands.

“I run a mission critical Wireless Internet Service in Brevard County. My customers and my network depend on reliability, resiliency, redundancy, and high availability. SD Data Center provides all that with their state-of-the-art facility and professional staff. I wouldn’t consider colocating my core infrastructure hardware anywhere but SD Data Center.”

“Beyond the customized solutions, expert guidance, and proactive customer service, SD Data Center has been a life force for our bottom line. SD Data Center has helped transform us from a small fish to a major player in the wireless internet service industry.”

“Who’s handling your data?”

Rick Todd
Stratus Broadband

About Stratus Broadband

Stratus Broadband is a wireless internet service provider headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Our mission is to take businesses out of the “dark ages” of cable and into the wireless world through cutting edge broadband internet and phone technology while keeping our and your costs low. We believe in moving forward by constantly researching and implementing the newest and most efficient techniques and technology in the world of telecommunications to keep you ahead.

For more information, visit www.stratusbroadband.net.

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