Backup & Disaster Recovery

Minimize disruption and downtime with secure, compliant offsite backup without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure.

Business disruption is now business as usual.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, extreme weather, cyberattack, power outage, or human error. SD Data Center’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service provides secure, continuous access to your critical data in any circumstances.

Secure Offsite Backup

Backup is the first step to protecting your critical data to ensure it’s always available. Mitigate risks with secure, compliant offsite backup to physical hardware or the cloud in SD Data Center’s purpose-built Tier 3 facilities with fully redundant infrastructure and 100% uptime. Plus, continual monitoring to ensure backups are always running.

Cloud Solutions

Combine Veeam Cloud Connect with SD Data Center’s enterprise-grade, cloud hosting and infrastructure services for a secure, reliable disaster recovery solution without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure.

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to extend backups to the cloud. Use your existing Veeam Availability Suite software to get virtual machine (VM) backups and replicas offsite to SD Data Center’s dedicated, secure cloud repository. This appears in your local Veeam Backup and Replication Console for fast, easy backup to and restoring from the cloud, with data encrypted end to end.

  • Pay for what you use: per GB of storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth included
  • No setup fees or per VM charges
  • Manage your local and cloud backups from a single console
  • Integration with disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Geographic Diversity

For ultimate protection, backup your critical data to one of our other data centers for geographic diversity that eliminates any single point of failure. 

High-Availability Solutions

For mission-critical applications that require 24/365 uptime, we utilize load-balancing techniques to improve performance and minimize disruption. And for the most stringent availability requirements, we create active-active architectures where applications run in two or more locations to meet low Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) with optimal Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Business Continuity Planning

Disruption can occur at any time, but we can lessen its impact by planning our response. Our experts work closely with you to develop a customized business continuity plan that’s optimal for your industry sector, customer base, technology solution and compliance requirements. We help prioritize the processes and applications that need to come online first and, ultimately, minimize disruption and downtime.

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