Veeam Dedicated Repositories

Secure Cloud Backup, data protection, and disaster recovery for maximum uptime.

Veeam Dedicated Repositories

SD Data Center’s Veeam Dedicated Repositories offer maximum data storage efficiency and security allowing Cloud Connect Backup customers to fully utilize fast cloning advantages.  Veeam’s Fast cloning technology leveraging ReFS or XFS volumes allows tenants to create “space-less” synthetic full backups meaning GFS backups are almost “free” to create.

No need to use disruptive storage technologies when tried and true Veeam storage solutions can be dedicated to you.  Your data on dedicated storage systems managed by our team of data center server experts.  This gives you the ability to tune concurrent backup tasks and reduce or eliminate “Resource not ready: Cloud repository” messages other Veeam Service Providers struggle with.  Your cloud backup tasks are not competing with other tenants on our Veeam Cloud Connect Backup solution.

32TB RAW Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 32TB  ~$18.20
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 64TB ~$9.10
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 96TB ~$6.05
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 128TB ~$4.53
  • 36 Month Term


55TB RAW Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 55TB  ~$13.00
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 110TB ~$6.50
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 165TB ~$4.34
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 220TB ~$3.25
  • 36 Month Term


84TB Raw Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 84TB  ~$14.42
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 168TB ~$7.21
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 252TB ~$4.80
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 336TB ~$3.60
  • 36 Month Term


112TB RAW Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 112TB  ~$11.76
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 224TB ~$5.90
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 336TB ~$3.93
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 448TB ~$2.95
  • 36 Month Term


176TB Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 176TB  ~$9.50
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 352TB ~$4.75
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 528TB ~$3.17
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 704TB ~$2.38
  • 36 Month Term


245TB Storage

Veeam Dedicated Repo
  • Ingress / Egress Bandwidth Included
  • No Per VM Charge
  • Estimated Price per TB:
  • - RAW 245TB  ~$7.42
    - 2:1 Fast Clone 490TB ~$3.72
    - 3:1 Fast Clone 735TB ~$2.47
    - 4:1 Fast Clone 980TB ~$1.86
  • 36 Month Term



We’re here to assist you in choosing the correct amount of storage space based on your backup size and cloud backup retention needs. The options listed above are common server and storage combinations. Deployment times vary based on stock and component availability and other storage capacities are available.

Dell R740 Server
Dell R740XD2 Storage Server
Supermicro Storage Server 2U
Supermicro Storage Server 4U

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to replicate backups and virtual servers off site to a Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure. Backup data is fully encrypted at every step including at rest on the off site repository. Setup and management of the off site repository is integrated with your on premise Veeam backup console. Quickly add SD Data Center as a service provider and begin configuring backup copy jobs.

Insider Attack Protection and Data Immutability

SD Data Center offers Insider Attack Protection by default on all Cloud Connect Backup tenants. By utilizing Veeam’s “recycle bin” option on the cloud repository we as a service provider are able to retrieve any data that may have been deleted by an insider attack. The recycle bin feature stores the data outside of your network for 7 days and prevents the data from being unrecoverable by disgruntled employees and insider threats such as ransomware attacks and hackers who infiltrate networks using techniques such as phishing.

Customers also have the option of using Veeam Hardened Linux Repositories on the dedicated repository servers. One of the key benefits of Veeam’s Linux Hardened Repository is its advanced security features. This solution is built with hardened security and compliance in mind, ensuring that all your data is immutable and protected against unauthorized alterations or deletions.

NOTE: Customers opting for Veeam Hardened Linux Repositories will not have Insider Attack Protection turned on. The features are interchangeable and with Immutability, Insider Attack Protection is not required.

Object Storage Comparison

While Veeam Backup & Replication has increased support for object based storage, we still feel choosing a VCC Backup solution offers the most flexibility. Combine that flexibility with our dedicated repository servers and the cost of offsite backups is comparable to using object storage alone. Some reasons for choosing VCC Backup over object storage include quick restore scenarios and the ability to seed replicas to a pre-defined DRaaS environment such as SD Data Center’s private VMware cloud.

The task of restoring data or VMs from a VCC Backup solution will complete in a more timely manor than an object storage solution due to the close proximity of native compute resources. This is especially true with SD Data Center since we offer native VMware compute resources. When restoring to customer on-premise compute resources, dedicated repository servers guarantee your restore job will run at the highest priority since your restore is not competing for resources. Customers utilizing VCC Backup and VCC Replication can take advantage of seeding replicas from the VCC Backup data reducing the amount of data transferred for the disaster recovery solution. This advantage becomes clear in the case where on-premise backups are not available and customers need to turn on replicas in our cloud.

Dedicated Storage

SD Data Center utilizes the Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository model for storing customer data.  Each storage node provides redundancy using RAID, SAS not SATA, redundant network connectivity and redundant power supplies.  Capacity and performance is scaled by adding nodes to the Scale-out Repositories.  Dedicated storage servers utilize ReFS (Windows) or XFS (Hardened Linux) and take advantage of fast cloning technology.

When storing synthetic full backups with a long retention, very little physical disk space is required and performance is much better than de-duplication appliances especially when it comes time to restore data.  Most customers using GFS backups will see data reduction ratios of 3:1 and 4:1.

Dell PowerEdge 14g Servers


  • Dedicated storage servers with fixed RAW capacity
  • Pricing includes storage and ingress / egress bandwidth
  • Adjustable VCC Backup quota based on data reduction ratio
  • Adjustable concurrent tasks for Cloud Connect tenants
  • Data Center Locations:
    • Space Coast / Central Florida
    • Denver Colorado
    • Ashburn Virginia (Coming Soon)
  • PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 270001 Compliant Company
  • Customer support based in the United States
  • Multiple Cloud Connect Gateway Pools for redundancy, load balancing, and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

SD Data Center uses current generation Dell and Supermicro storage servers. Over the last several years, supply chain challenges has forced us to expand physical server offerings from multiple vendors. We internally validate the hardware selection to make sure vendor support is available and that our uptime monitoring can detect any faults from system memory issues to drive failures.
Veeam dedicated repository tenants manage the cloud repository from their Veeam B&R console. We do have access via Veeam’s service provider console for more insight into backup status. Physical backup server access such as operating system access is restricted to SD Data Center administrators only. We support the OS uptime, patching and all hardware monitoring and failed component replacement. Our engineers will make sure the backup storage servers are always running in their optimal configuration.
Part of the Veeam dedicated repository server service includes OS level monitoring of disk space. SD Data Center engineers will work with tenant backup administrators to determine the appropriate cloud repository quota. As backups consume disk space on the cloud repository, the quota can be adjusted based on RAW physical disk space. When more space is needed, another dedicated repository server can be added increasing available space. SD Data Center’s engineers can also assist in migrating cloud repo data to entirely new larger dedicated repository servers if needed.
Absolutely. SD Data Center operates our own private cloud service backed by VMware vCloud Director. Keep in mind that the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup offering uses encrytion end to end and as a customer you have the option to encrypt your backups at rest. Due to this you will need to provide access details for us to mount and restore from your Cloud Repository. We recommend combining Cloud Connect Backup with Cloud Connect Replication for a more permanent and reliable DRaaS solution.

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