Consulting & Engineering Services

Get expert advice and execution from a highly experienced team that thrives on problem solving and innovation.

Engineering Excellence

Our team is here to simplify your data center deployment and help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency with a secure, resilient, and agile IT infrastructure that meets changing business requirements.

Business Continuity

Our experts work closely with you to develop a customized plan that’s optimal for your industry sector, customer base, and technology solution. We help prioritize the processes and applications that need to come online first. And ultimately, minimize disruption and downtime.

Technical Design & Implementation

We provide full consulting support on systems architecture, networking, cloud migration, security, and storage to create customized solutions that leverage the latest technology advances and best practice.

Smart Hands

We provide 24/365 operational support for rack and stack, equipment installation and testing, cable configuration, remote management, troubleshooting, and logistics support. Billable on an hourly basis.

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